Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Challenge -- Time to "Rethink Your Shrink"

Rethink Your Shrink!

If you've been reading my blog for very long you know that I have been on a weight loss journey for A LONG stinkin' time!! I have been faithfully losing weight since March 25th when my Endocronologist told me, "Lose weight, or you will be looking at Type 2 Diabetes." I left the doctor's office saying, "thanks, but no thanks!!" From that day on I have been working out and eating better (still have a ways to go on this one!). I have lost about 35 pounds since then but still have at least 40 pounds to go! 2010 will be my year!

When the ladies over at the Sisterhood started talking about the next new challenge I started getting real excited about it. They were dropping hints about the challenge but not giving out details. The hints they were dropping were intriguing to me; like changing the way we think, refocus on the "ME", etc. I just got done checking out the new challenge (which starts TODAY) and I AM EXCITED!! It's just what I need to get 'er done!! I am sooooo much better than I was back in March but I still have a long way to go. I believe this will help me get there!

So my first weigh in of this challenge is: 192.2.

Unfortuantely, that is up from the end of the last challenge, but not so much that I can't regroup and get it off again quickly! The weekly "projects" will help me and I know they will help YOU!! So join in and find out what is on the inside of YOU!!


Brooke said...

you are incredible - and i know that 2010 will be an incredible year for you :) *hugs*

Karena said...

Yay, Ann! This is your year! And mine! I agree, this challenge is just what we need, and the weekly projects are going to help us stay motivated and on target!

Heather D said...

Ann, I honestly cannot tell you how proud we are of you at the Sisterhood! I KNOW you'll reach your goal this year.
I love this challenge so much, can't wait to start this journey with you!

audrey said...

You'll do it! I know you will! :)

april said...

I'm so stinkin' proud of you Ann! You're going to do so so so great. I just know it! Good luck!

Crooked Eyebrow said...

you have done so well, you are on the right path! keep it up!