Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Couple of Conclusions

I came to a few conclusions Monday that I would like to document.

*Taking more than a couple of days off school is A BAD IDEA!! Getting back into the swing of things is frustrating for both That Other Kid and myself. He doesn't want to do school and I have lost my momentum and have to figure out what needs to be done. Maybe if I did "real" lesson plans this problem would be solved, but doing lesson plans right now for this stage in school seems kind of goofy to me. I mean we are going to do phonics, reading, math, handwriting, and now spelling every day. We are going to do geography at least a couple of days a week. Why do the lesson plan for that?

*I decided that we need to finish up with 1st grade math as soon as possible so I can start challenging That Other Kid in math. He keeps telling me "this is so easy ANYONE could do this!" I have been having him work through 2 lessons a day, but I decided today that we will start doing around 4 lessons a day till it gets more challenging for him. At this pace we should be done with 1st grade math by mid April and ready to do 2nd grade math. (Remember I do school 'mostly' year round and he didn't officially start 1st grade till November.) Now it's time to start researching math curriculum's so I can find something that will challenge him!! We are using Abeka now...it needs to be a visual, challenging curriculum. Suggestions???

*Asking for "chocolate" for Valentine's Day through a text message is kind of goofy but had good results! A box of chocolate and chocolate covered strawberry's taste really great...but create a serious sugar rush! I rarely pull the "I need chocolate" card, but I did tonight. I hope it doesn't backfire on me this week on weigh in day!

* I decided I needed to do something different for my workouts to try to push past this plateau I've been on so I started working out with the EaSports Active2 Wii game Sunday night. I started up the 9 week program, which I will do for 4 days a week for the 9 weeks. I'm planning to do this in addition to doing some workouts at the gym. I scoped out some classes and I have them "scheduled" into my week. This should help me make sure I actually get there! I decided that I needed to push myself harder and I'm hoping that doing all these things will push me past my plateau.

*Last conclusion for the night...I have worked out 44 out of the past 45 days!! I love being able to say that!! Feels soooo good!

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Mommy Mo said...

No more chocolate : ).

Hipp hip hooray for all that exercising.