Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Power Of One - Week 6

Power of One Challenge

Well if any of you saw my Facebook status this morning you can probably guess what my weight looked like this morning when I got on the scales. I wasn't happy and I took the results and shoved 4 big donuts into my mouth to "try" to make myself "feel" better! Did it work??? Of course not! All it made me feel is lazy, lethargic, and want to crawl back into bed (which is probably where I should have stayed given the weather conditions of the day!) All this to say it could have been worse...but it wasn't what I had hoped for. we go with my stats:

Starting weight: 3/25/09 -- 226.8

Starting challenge weight: 196.0
Last week's weight: 196.0
This week's weight: 197.0

I'm "only" up 1 pound so I realize it could be a WHOLE LOT worse given the week I just had but it isn't what I had hoped for and I am frustrated with the "supposed" effort I am putting into this journey and not seeing "scale" results.

I spent the week in Kansas helping my parents and ate out most of my meals so I guess I should have known that losing weight this week was going to be difficult but I did continue working out while I was out of town, and felt that despite my lack of "routine-ness" I had done pretty well. I didn't really go crazy with the food and I didn't go to my favorite Mexican food restuarant where I usually inhale thousands and thousands of calories!! I tried to make healthy choices but I didn't have my "normal" options.

Oh well...I'm back home now and snowed in AGAIN (isn't Texas supposed to be known for its mild winters??) so I'm hoping that I will be able to get back into my routine quickly. I'm fixing a healthy dinner tonight and I'm going to make sure I change up my exercise routine so that I can get past this plateau that I have been in for the past couple of months! It is driving me crazy!! I have numerous Wii games and dvd's and I'm going to dust them off and change it up for the next few weeks and see what kind of results I can get from this. Maybe my body is just too used to doing the same things and changing it up will help me.

On the plus side, while I was in Kansas this week my dad and friend both told me it looked like I was getting "skinnier" since Christmas time. Now if the scales would just reflect this maybe I will start believing it, too!!


Brooke said...

you took care of your family and your weigh in this week took a hit. that's totally okay. just don't make it a habit m'kay?

Anonymous said...

Look at the big picture! You've lost a lot of weight since the beginning of your journey. Don't let one lb get you down!!!

I'm glad you realized that wolfing down 4 donuts isn't going to make you feel better. Only worse.

Oh well. It happened. You enjoyed your food all week. So don't feel bad. Move on! You'll do great this week!!!

Heather said...

You can do this... even if you made healthy choices while eating out, you still probably had more sodium than you were used to. Drink some water and have fun with those DVD's!

Cara (aka Temberton) said...

Thanks for commenting on my Power of One post. It helps to know that others are reading...and laughing at, err, *with* me! ;oP

Self-control is the *hardest* thing for me. I tell you I am dying for a Coke and the only thing stopping me is a bladder infection. (Yes, still!) DD & I were out yesterday getting our hair done. SHOCK! But, there's a new little shop out in the boonies where we live with great prices. I got a major change with a cut and relaxer, plus styling. DD got a cut & style. It took *so* long. So, afterward, we just had to head into town for quick eats. Hehe!

I was *so* on the way to McD's where I can get a decent Coke, but DD talked to me into going to Arby's (where I can't get a decent Coke), so she saved my bladder from the wicked soda. ROFLOL!

Anonymous said...

I know you're frustrated, but your routine was totally out of whack while you were gone. Count your victories! Good job on avoiding the Mexican AND keeping up with your workouts even when you didn't want to.

Adah said...

When I went on my road trip I came back a lb heavier. Not at all what I wanted but it made me dig in my heels for the last two weeks and I have finally gotten past my plateau. And really in the grand scheme of things taking care of your Mom and Dad is a whole lot more important than that stupid pound! You'll kick it to the curb next are on a mission!