Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Power of One Final Weigh In

Power of One Challenge

This was the final week of the Power of One challenge. For me it was a very disappointing challenge as far as weigh ins are concerned. I fluctuated up and down from my starting weight of 196.0 and today I end this challenge .8 up from when we started. HOWEVER, I refuse to let this get me down.

This journey is all about choices. The choices I make today will help me in the things I do tomorrow and beyond! Last night during the Biggest Loser something Bob said to Jessie really hit me hard. Basically he said today is the day we need to concern ourselves with. Not tomorrow. Not yesterday. We can only control what we do RIGHT NOW! Last night on The Biggest Loser everyone was concerned about falling below that Red Line - the Elimination Line!! In the end "the parents" made choices to gain weight so they could "save the children". I respected that as a mom but from the perspective of a person needing to lose 50ish pounds still (after nearly 2 years on this journey!) I couldn't understand how they could jeopardize their own health in that way. But they made those choices and they have to live with them.

This week and during this challenge I made choices that I'm hoping will see me through to the final destination of a good healthy weight. I also made some BAD choices that over the past few days I have started changing. I have been stagnant in this journey for several months and it is time to change that. I have really ramped up the exercise and I've been doing some different things. I started doing the 9 wk EaSports Active2 challenge and I'm in the middle of week 2 of that. I also have taken a couple of classes at the gym and Monday I went on my first outside run in 2 months to help get me ready to run in the Austin 5K ZoomaRace on April 16th. I am trying to win the race entry fee but even if I don't win it is a close enough race that I can go and the fee isn't terribly cost prohibitive. Besides this will be the perfect opportunity to hang out with my Sisterhood friends!! did I do on my goals during this challenge?

Short term goal (for this 8 week challenge): 184 BOMBED ... In fact I weighed in at 196.8 this morning BUMMER!! But I'm not letting this stop me!

Some of my healthy living goals:

EXERCISE DAILY -- Success...I exercised in some way every day BUT ONE in the past 2 months!

DRINK MY WATER -- Success!! I have managed to drink enough water...even while traveling this month!!

My next goal (and this one will make my hubby happy) is to CLEAN/ORGANIZE something in my apartment everyday for 30 minutes. -- Bombed!! Did good for about 1 week and then went back to my old lazy ways. Definitely need to work on this! Need to get the house cleaned up and organized!!

My final goal for this challenge and this is strictly for ME (cuz this challenge is for ME, right?) -- READ MY BIBLE and something for FUN (either fiction or non-fiction) EVERY DAY!! -- Half and half; I have been doing pretty good on this one. I did great till I left on my trip to Kansas and since then I have struggled to get back into it!

I have not let the stress of life (son signing up to go off to Marine boot camp, best friend having breast cancer, and mom's knee replacement surgery among everyday life of being a wife of an architect in a struggling market!) get me down and keep me from doing what is necessary to get this weight off. Although I haven't really lost weight over the past 2 months I haven't let the stress of life dictate to me how to eat! I have taken control of my OWN actions and I'm doing something to change to figure out how to bust past this plateau. I have increased and changed up the exercise. I have cut the cokes out AGAIN, and I have been tracking food. I'm stumped but I'm still not giving up!

So now it's time to focus on the next challenge which will start next Wednesday. I'm hopeful that the next one will be my break-thru challenge!


Kirsten said...

I think that in spite of everything you did succeed. You've had so many life stressors and yet you didn't gain overall. You've maintained. Yes, there are things you *could've* done. But Bob is right. The only thing to focus on is the here and now.

Best wishes to your friend who's going to be going through treatment and for your son on his journey into the Marines.

And I'm with you on the economy getting out of the tanker!

Tracie said...

The scale is only part of it. You have succeeded in so many other areas. Yay for getting your exercise in and not letting emotions rule you.

kewkew said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting.
I also think you succeeded. I like that you mentioned what Bob said (somehow I missed that part last night).

Focus on the positive and look to the future. This challenge is now behind us. I know the First Place program I used to participate in had participants place food eaten that was not on the "plan" on the back of the sheet. That way we could focus on the positive and keep the little "slip ups" in our past.