Saturday, May 14, 2011

600 Very Important Words (My 600th Post!!)

600 posts ago I started this blog as a means to feel connected with the outside world. My purpose in this blog was to connect with the outside world and to use it as a way of journaling about the day to day activities of my life.

(This is me and That Other Kid about the time I started this blog....and this is how I spent a good part of my days! Sad!!)

I was a homeschooling mom of a teenage boy and a preschool aged boy. Now I am a homeschooling mom of a 7 year old hockey playing, martial arts, lego building little boy who hates to do anything where he has to sit more than 15 minutes and a soon to be 21 year old Marine! I didn’t have a lot of friends and I was feeling out of touch with the world. Now I have many friends and there are days when I feel so connected to the outside world I wonder how I functioned before the internet! I had started reading blogs as a means of feeling like I wasn’t alone in this journey of motherhood. I continue reading blogs because I LOVE feeling like I’m not alone in every aspect of my life!!

Since August, 2007 my basic purpose has stayed the same….to connect with others but it has branched out to be a weight loss and health/fitness journal more than anything else. I do sometimes blog about the general happenings of my family; including homeschooling, life as a mom of a soon to be Marine, my 7 year old son, and lots of random babblings. (Taking advantage of beautiful day in Texas)

I have connected with women (and even a few men) who are trying to make it in this world….homeschooling moms, single women, married women who would love to have kids but can’t, women who sometimes wonder why they are moms, and women who have yet to become moms. Most of my online friends have become such good friends I “talk” to them more often than my “real life friends”. These friends have prayed for me, cried with me, and let me vent and then put some perspective into my life when it was desperately needed. These women have truly become the best friends a girl could have. Through the support and friendship I have received through blogging I have been able to lose more than 30 pounds, and I have learned about the world of running, exercise, health and fitness and found out just how important it is to live a healthy, fit lifestyle. I have also found great resources for becoming a better homeschooling teacher/mom. I have discovered the world of Twitter, Facebook, DailyMile, and numerous apps for my brand new IPhone (that I probably wouldn’t feel worthy of owning without the support of all my online friends).

(This is me and That Other Kid today!! Right after a hike!)

Through blogging I have discovered that “I CAN DO IT”….whatever “IT IS”. I have become a woman who is starting to feel comfortable in her own skin. I have “Exposed” myself, supported charities that I probably never would have ever heard of, and participated in activities I never would have dreamed possible (running 5K’s). I have learned better ways to take care of myself and my family. I have found an online family that is always there for me when I need it (whether I know I need the help or not).

(Right after the Zooma 5K where I got to meet Christy, Lisa and Amanda!)

I have found an outlet to my need for friendship. I have found an outlet for my need for support in my journey to weight loss. I have found support in my homeschooling journey (even though I have done it FOREVER, it’s still nice to have support!)

Through blogging I have found exactly what I needed!! Friendship, support, and a place to be!!


Heather D said...

Love this!! You are awesome :)

Adah said...

Congratulation on your 600th post. That is a big deal. It's amazing to me all of the wonderful people I have "met" since I started my blog. And I am proud to include you as one of those wonderful people.

Brooke said...

don't you just love hiking?? :)

Sincerely Anna said...

Love seeing your smile! That hike must have been such a fun outing with TOK. Yay for 600 posts and can't wait to read the next 600!