Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Confessions of A Former Ice Cream Junkie!!

Today is confession day at the Sisterhood and I'm happy to report that its been a good week for me.

Note the title of this post?? I have been passing up ice cream now for the past week!! This is big people, big I tell ya! I am a huge fan of ice cream...it doesn't matter if it is fancy Haagen Daz ice cream or cheap McDonalds ice cream...I love it ALL! But I have been turning down opportunities for ice cream ALL WEEK LONG!! And last night over at the 'hood during SisterChat someone started talking about Fried Ice Cream and I didn't even have the intense need to go get ice cream last night!! How cool is that?? I had an opportunity to get ice cream again last night and I passed on it...and ate a banana instead! I think following this Low Glycemic Index Plan is really helping me take that intense need for sugary snacks away!

Tracking calories in My Daily Plate/Livestrong is really helping too because I can see right there in front of me how many calories I have eaten and how many calories I can eat if I want a snack after dinner!

I've done great on my fruits and veggies this week thanks to the push from the Sisterhood to eat 5 servings!! I am happy to report I have had my 5 servings every day! It's been great and I can't wait to see how it has helped me on the scale tomorrow morning!

That Other Kid and I went to a local nature preserve on Sunday afternoon and it was so nice to get outside and enjoy nature for a while!! We will be doing that again...Who would have thought in the middle of all this concrete and buildings there would be a nature preserve just 15 minutes from my house??

Hope ya'll are having a great week!!


Bari said...

An awesome week! Way to go. Sadly, I've been indulging in the Ben and Jerry's FroYo a bit this week.

Brooke said...

i always keep some in the freezer, but i don't eat it often. but i know all about the power of suggestions (french fries for me).

and sister chat was last night? crap i can't believe i missed it :(

Adah said...

Why is it I always forget about sister chat? I can pass on ice cream but give me something salty and I'm all over it! No chip is safe in my house! Good job Ann!