Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sister Spotlight

I'm the featured Sister over at the Sisterhood today. Go check it out, k??

In other ramblings it has been humid and rainy for the past 5 days and I'm already sick of summer and it's not even June yet!! It hasn't really been that hot yet but it feels absolutely miserable outside. I've tried having the windows open to get some fresh air but the air is stifling so I close it back up within a few minutes.

I have been following some of the twitter conversations that have been floating around about #FitBloggin and it makes me wish I could have gone even more. I'm hoping that next year will be my year to get to go. Wonder where it will be?? I asked Roni on I hope I get an answer soon. If you got to go this year PLEASE let me live vicariously through you and post full reports on your blog and let me know, k??

Have a good Sunday and if you are having fab weather, please go enjoy it for me!!

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