Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May Your Way

May Your Way Challenge

Let's get right to the facts today: Starting challenge weight: 201.0
Last week's weight: 194.4
Today's weight: 195.2

Not a good weigh in for me today 195.2....I got on the scales 3 different times this morning trying to get that number to change but it was set right on 195.2 - didn't even vacilate the way it usually does when I first get on the scale!! Not a happy momma today but I'm not making excuses. I'm admitting the errors of my way.

I was stressed out this weekend and didn't move my body enough. I made brownies one night cuz the guys wanted a treat...they didn't like, I'm guessing you know they didn't get thrown away, huh? No, I ate more than I should have.

I also fixed nachos last night for dinner...I piled mine high with grilled chicken and veggies but there was also a fair amount of cheese and salty chips!! Then I didn't flush my system enough with drinking water last night. I justified it by saying I had already had plenty of water for the, apparently not enough to get rid of all the salt!!

I have been sticking to the low glycemic index diet pretty well (except for the brownies, of course) and I have been eating lots of fruits and veggies (my 5 a day!).
Overall I just feel that this weigh in is a little glitch in the system but I am going to be very careful over the next 5 days because I still want to see how much I can lose this month! My original goal was to be at (or below) 190 by the end of the month. With this gain I don't know if that is likely but I can certainly give it a shot, right??

As for the SisterSays challenge for this past week: We were supposed to look in the mirror and say something good about ourselves...this is very hard for me to do but I managed to do it everyday. I even wrote them down in my notes so I could remember them! So here are my nice to me compliments: I have nice lips, I could wear a pair of MEDIUM yoga pants at Target, I have strong arms (strong enough to carry 2 full 5 gallon water jugs), I have nice eyes, my legs are strong, my hair is healthy, and for being nearly 46 I don't have very many wrinkles. Looking at these compliments really do show me that I have a lot of good things going for me! So thanks Sisterhood for making me look deeper!

For this week for the SisterSays challenge we are supposed to try something new. This is always a challenge for me but that's what makes it more fun!! I'll ave to think about what I can do but I will do something new --hopefully something that will burn a lot of calories!! lol

I have been doing well with tracking my food in My Daily Plate (even my indulging brownies and nachos) and I have been getting my exercise in. I did miss one night because by the time I got around to it it was past time to go to bed. Last week I had decided that I needed more sleep so I made a decision to be in bed by 1 am and not up till at least 9 am. I did pretty well on this one. The only nights this didn't happen was when the hubby needed my help with some work stuff and so I stayed up with him. I did manage to sleep in a little later to ensure I got enough sleep though so it all worked out.

I started out trying to do the #tworkout last night and then DFW got hit with a round of tornados and thunderstorms. Everyone on twitter told me to get in shelter and not to worry about the #Tworkout and since I've lived through enough tornados to know when to take cover we hid out in the bathroom and I tweeted some with my phone just to keep everyone in the loop! WE were safe but others in the area got hit pretty hard. The tornados went all around us. Really strange how that worked, but it did and I am greatful! Thanks for caring ladies!! I did do the #tworkout after I got That Other Kid in bed and the storms passed through the area so all was not lost! But...this all happened right in the middle of Biggest Loser so I didn't get to watch so I'm staying off Facebook and Twitter till I can watch later today!!

Overall I am feeling good about my goals and my accomplishments. This week is the last week of this challenge and I'm planning to adhere to my goals strictly and come as close to my goal of 190 as I can! Eating a low glycemic index plan will definitely assist me in reaching my goal. So will eating lots of fruits and veggies and moving my body!!

So how are you doing this week? Hope May is going Your Way!!


Adah said...

Stupid salty chips...they get us everytime! Back on track and woggging toward the finish line with a big losing finish!

Brooke said...

love chips. i mean they are horrible. but so yum.

i'm so glad that you wrote down your compliments and shared them with us!!

Bacardi Mama said...

Chips have been my downfall more than once. Just get back on the horse and finish strong this week for the end of the challenge.

Mary@notbefore7 said...

Hang in there! Each day is a new one.