Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Confessions Time

It is confession time over at the Sisterhood so here I am!

It hasn't been that bad of a week but I did sit around WAAAAYYYY too much this weekend watching the twitter stream of all my friends that were at FitBloggin. It was rainy, hot and humid this weekend so I didn't really feel like venturing outside much so I just sat around on my computer!! Not a very good way to show my support of my friends but it is what it is, huh??

As far as eating goes this week I have been doing good.

I did bake a batch of brownies the other night for the guys and I just couldn't stay away from them. In fact I ate more of them than they did! They thought they tasted funny! Apparently I didn't cuz I managed to devour them! I used Olive Oil and my hubby thinks that messed up the taste of them! I did track each and every brownie in MyDailyPlate though so I knew just what they were costing me. I still stayed within a reasonable limit of calories so that I was able to burn the calories with exercise, so I'm happy about that!

I have had a nice big salad every night with dinner so I've been getting my fruits and veggies in. Drinking plenty of water doesn't seem to problem for me so that is good!! I've been looking at myself in the mirror every day and finding something good to say about myself. I have been writing them down too so tomorrow I will give you a full report on my weigh in post!

All in all it's been a good week and I'm looking forward to getting on the scale tomorrow to see how the numbers are looking!

So what do you have to confess?? Go ahead and get it off your conscience! You'll feel better!

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Adah said...

I'm with you Ann...I spent way to much time this weekend reading twitter!

Good job accounting for those brownies. It's hard to write down the "bad" for you stuff!