Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Burst Into Summer -- One Week to go!

Ok...So here's the deal. It's Wednesday and over at Shrinking Jeans we hop on the scale and report back in and let everyone know how the weight loss journey went this past week. Although I haven't taken this challenge seriously and put much effort into the weight loss aspect of the ourney I don't want to be a slacker on all fronts so I am checking in, reporting back and owning my errors. They are mine and no one elses. I can't blame the gains I have made on anyone but myself. are my numbers:

Starting weight: MARCH 25, 2009 -- 226.8

Starting challenge weight: 6/15/11 -- 194.6
Last week's weight: 200

This week's weight: 198.2

So I must have done something right this week. I *think* I know what that is so we will see how that works out for me this coming week. Since we only have one week left in this challenge I'm hoping that I can at least get down to my starting challenge weight this week but since I have to lose 4 pounds I don't know if that is feasible....I'm gonna give it a try, though!

I think part of my issues for not losing weight is my hormonal issues, so I started taking some homeopathic supplements and I'm going to see how that works for me. Just gotta remember to take them EVERY DAY! I also need to remember that eating crappy food isn't gonna help my stress levels in a positive way! I kind of forgot that this weekend AGAIN! But...every day is a new day. Time to forget about the past and move forward. Eating healthy foods helps me in so many ways and I KNOW I will feel better both mentally and physically if I'm eating right and exercising. Which I haven't really been doing much of lately. Walking over the weekends is about all I am doing and that needs to change. We have been going non-stop lately during the week and by the time I get That Other Kid to bed all I feel like doing is sitting down and goofing off on the computer! But...that's gotta change, too! Need to find my computer time some other way.

Too much to do to waste time goofing off. I still have fundraising things to prepare for for the Komen 3 Day for the Cure and I'm trying out some new things for our homeschooling year with That Other Kid this year. Both take time that I haven't been devoting to them. So I need to get back on a schedule so I can get it ALL done!

Priorities are important so I am prioritizing my life:

ME comes first! That means eating right, spending time reading my bible, and exercising DAILY. I have found that is the way I make sure I get it done consistently.

Secondly, I have to make sure the family is cared for properly. That means the house is clean (relatively speaking, of course! since my house is never REALLY clean!), meals are prepared, laundry is done and I am spending quality time with That Other Kid. I'm finding that this is a biggie as it gets closer to the time when 'My Marine' leaves for boot camp. Once he leaves it will be even more important (for both of us). I also want to make sure that when hubby and I get a chance to spend time on the weekends I am spending quality time with him, not trying to do other things at the same time.

Thirdly, comes homeschooling preparation and school "stuff". I need to make sure I devote time every week (and even every evening if necessary) to school preparations. I have been seriously slacking on this.

Then last but not least, I need to devote time and effort into raising the funds for my Komen 3 Day for the Cure walk. This is even more important to me this week since I just got an email from my hubby's stepmom that she has to have a double mastectomy on Monday, the 29th. Cancer SUCKS, and we must do everything we can to make sure there are cures found!

Ok...enough rambling out of me. I need a shower so we can get out the door! We are attending a "Not Back to School" party with a bunch of other homeschooling families since all the public school kids went back to school this week! We get the place to ourselves!

Hope y'all have had a good week and met your goals for the week!


Bacardi Mama said...

First, thank you so much for all your support Ann. You are the best. I think you have this all figured out and I think you are right. We have to set our priorities in the right order. We canboth do this. I know we can and we can start out by supporting each other like we have been. You are a rcok star Ann. I promise to donate to your amazing walk when I get paid next week. Good luck this week. Finish strong!

Bacardi Mama said...

Please excuse all the typos in the previous comment!

Bari said...

I am so proud of you for all the training you are putting in! You are amazing! I will be donating to your walk - please don't let me forget!