Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Confessions Time

True Confessions

It's been a while since I've done a confessions post for the Sisterhood and it hasn't been because I've had such a stellar summer. It's been because I figure no one really wants to hear me whine about not doing what I need to be to lose weight. I'm ready to get my arse back into gear and lose this weight but I definitely need some of my friends to keep me from making stupid choices!

Here goes --

My husband's step mom had to have a double mastectomy yesterday! All I can say to that is that CANCER SUCKS!! I am so glad that I am participating in the Komen 3 Day this year! With all the people that cancer is affecting (including those that are close to me) it just means all that much more to me!

I was sitting at my computer last night soaking my feet in epsom salt (trying to heal all the stupid blisters) eating a WHOLE ENTIRE BAG OF Kettle Chips! I told myself the bag was small and I had eaten healthy all day so it was ok but come on...a whole bag of chips when I've got bowls of fruit just sitting here waiting to be eaten?? I bought these chips on Sunday for my husband cuz he LOVES Kettle Chips. He didn't even know I had bought them! They are gone now! and my stomach is not happy about all that oil I put in my body!

Why would I do that to myself? you might ask! Cuz I'm ticked at my feet!! I can't seem to figure out why out of a group of 20 women training for the Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure I am the only one coming away EVERY weekend with blisters covering my feet so badly I can't walk till Wednesday without pain! And yes, I have good shoes, and dri wicking socks. I've tried Moleskin, New Skin, blister bandaids, all the stuff everyone suggests! I was on the message boards for the walks and heard about a product to put on your feet called HikeGoo by this company to prevent blisters. Have you heard of it?? I ordered it and I'm praying it is the miracle cure I need! It was pricey but if it works it will be worth it!

I'm also getting a wee bit ok A LOT anxious as September gets closer to making it on the calendar. My Marine (formerly known as That Kid) is leaving for Marine boot camp in September. I know it will be good for him but my mom heart is having a hard time with it! Especially since he bought That Other Kid a couple of air soft guns "to remember him"! A little disarming for a city girl mom, ya know??!!

We started back to doing a full schedule of school and I am adding several new subjects into his schedule. In addition to that I am trying to not just "do workbooks" which is hard on my flesh! It means I have to put more effort into preparing for school which takes away from my limited "me time". Although That Other Kid just told me that "history is his favorite now" instead of math like it has always been! History is one of the new subjects we are doing not "workbook style" so that is a good thing, right?!

Ok...I've got to get back to work/um....school so I hope you all have a good day and if you have confessions to make please spill them! I don't want to feel all alone!

If you have a few bucks to spare to help me in my fundraising efforts for my Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure I would greatly appreciate it! I am walking November 4th, 5th and 6th....20 miles each day for a total of 60 miles! Please help me as I have to raise $2300 and so far I am up to $300! I still have a long way to go and this is such an important cause to support! As I have said before CANCER SUCKS -- my best friend and now my mother in law have had to deal with it JUST THIS Year! That's 2 more people that are adding to the statistic of 1 person every 69 seconds!! This must end! PLEASE HELP by donating here! Thanks bunches!!

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Laurie said...

So sorry about your blisters. I did the Avon 2 Day in May and did wind up w/ blisters, but not on every training walk. Something doesn't sound right. Skin issues? the wrong shoes?
About those chips...been there been there been there!!!