Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Need Some Motivation

ChristieO is doing a little project to help motivate us in our health and fitness journey. And can I just say it could not have come at a better time for me (and based on what I have been reading I'm not alone)!

So won't you participate? I've already sent her my picture and can hardly wait to see what she has up her sleeve! All you need to do is send Christie a picture and a line describing how that picture made you feel.

Well here is what she says....

■You know those photos you have from racing or race day or perhaps even from training? Send me one! It can be before during or after when you’re a hot smelly mess. In fact, the stinkier the better. They haven’t invented smellovision yet so we’re ok.
■Send your name and blog url so everyone can know where to visit you (yes! exposure for your blog too!) If you don’t have a blog, put your town and state (ex: Tampa, FL) You’ll be famous!
■THEN send me ONE short line of what was going through your head during the photo. Did you finish a marathon? Did you so totally not want to do this race but you were glad you did? Were you proud? Were you hurt? Were you on fire? Did you never think in a million years you’d have just done what you did? Were you defeated inside? Was there drama goin on up there? Give me one line of what you went through or how you got there or what you were thinking.
■Email to
■Then please RT this post so that our fun-loving community of awesome bloggers and friends can get involved! OK? Well that part’s not mandatory but it would be nice to spread the motivation!
■Grab the button below. I will create a list of participating bloggers on my sidebar with their url (feel free to blog about your participation in the project too but don’t share the picture you sent me in that post, it’s a secret until the final project day, ok?)

Go over and see what else she says! She is all kinds of awesome, wouldn't you agree?!


Christie O. said...

Thanks for blogging about it!!! (Love that pic!!)

Miz said...

I adore her and the to find a pic :)

Bari said...

I sent her one of mine!