Thursday, February 16, 2012

Short But Sweet - Starbuck's Giftcard!

I'm going to make this short but sweet! I have in my possesion a $25 giftcard from Starbuck's! Most everyone loves Starbuck's, even if they aren't a big coffee fan (like myself, don't hate me, k?). Most everyone loves boobs and want to do something to save them, right?

So, here's your chance! I am walking in the the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure in November and I have to raise $2300. I know it seems like FOREVER till November but the way this year is just passing me by, I know that it is gonna be here before I can blink too many times. I need to get some money into my fundraising account, so that I can feel confident that I can once again raise $2300 to help find a cure for breast cancer. I know a lot of people are saying but what about the back and forth with planned parenthood donations? What about the politics involved in their decision? To that I say what about it?

IF YOU, YOUR MOM, YOUR SISTER, YOUR BEST FRIEND got breast cancer would YOU really care who they were giving money to AS long as their efforts were going to help YOU (or your loved ones) get past this terrible disease and back to living a "normal" life? I didn't think so. I am walking so that my friends and family won't have to go through breast cancer the way so many others have had to. In 2011 I watched my best friend Glenna go through it. It wasn't fun, it wasn't pretty and it WAS VERY SCARY! She is doing amazing now! And I truly believe that through the power of prayer and the efforts of the Susan G. Komen Foundation she will live a long and healthy life from this point forward. My grandmother wasn't that lucky. She died of breast cancer around 13 years ago. I will never forget how scared I was to realize that breast cancer runs in my family! I remember thinking I want to do SOMETHING to make sure I don't have to go through this! Now I am....I am raising $2300 and walking 60 miles so women all over the world will be able to live a life without the misery of breast cancer!

So...all you have to do to enter in my $25 Starbuck's gift card give away is donate at least $10 to my efforts of raising $2300. It's easy and it's tax deductible! Go here . You never know who's life you might be saving! Maybe someone in your family, although I pray that isn't the could happen. Someone gets diagnosed with breast cancer nearly every 1 1/2 minutes! That's a scary statistic!

This gift card giveaway will end Sunday night, February 19th with a random drawing done by That Other Kid and myself Monday morning! Just donate and your name will be in the running! Go forth, donate and feel good about helping someone in the fight against breast cancer!

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