Tuesday, February 7, 2012

After The SuperBowl Confessions

It's Tuesday and over at the Sisterhood we do True Confessions to cleanse our souls of all the crappy stuff from the past week.

Wow do I have a list for you! Here goes....

I started a "no coke" challenge with one of my 3 Day walker friends. She drank Dr. Pepper and I drank coke. We both want to stop...I did great until last Friday, since then I have been TERRIBLE having a coke every day! Until today when I realized how stupid I have been! If I want to stop doing something I just need to STOP!! It really should be that simple...It's called WILLPOWER!! So once again no cokes for me - let's hope I can get it to stick this time!

I went to the grocery store on Sunday (I know, stupid!) when I was hungry! (double stupid!) I bought a bunch of "snacky" things and a bunch of good foods. I bought the ingredients to make the zucchini chocolate muffins and haven't made them yet. I also bought the ingredients (and made) Lisa's salsa! It was a hit in our household! In order to eat salsa you have to eat chips, right?! I ate chips with rotel and salsa during the superbowl....and drank a coke! I also bought and made (and ate) little smokies but I bought the beef ones and only ate 4 with crescent rolls! Yummy!

I started doing the #FabAb workout with Nancy and Bari! It's nice to have accountability with others to do this workout! It's HARD but I need to work my abs big time and this is definitely doing that!

You can join us if you want....I guarantee you won't be sorry! We are all gonna have great looking abs at the end of February!

I have gone over my calorie count on My Fitness Pal for the past few days. It's frustrating but I know I need to work through it and get it figured out. I need to start working harder at keeping my food under control! It will help a lot to stay away from the cokes! Here's to a new start!

Did you read my post Saturday? If not, you really need to. I need to report back that since Saturday I have started focusing more on the exercise and less on the "diet". Today at lunch I decided I wanted a salad! That Other Kid saw me fixing a salad and said, "why are you eating a salad? You said you weren't on a diet anymore!" I told him, "I just want a salad...it's a good choice for lunch!" He seemed to like that idea. I thought it was a great way to change the focus from diet to healthy living/eating. Yay!

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