Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Dentist

Today I had to take That Other Kid to the dentist for an unpleasant experience -- 4 cavities filled. I brush his teeth at least 1 time a day, like the hygeniest recommended, but still he has cavities...but he doesn't have any source of calcium other than the apple juice fortified with calcium....he is allergic to dairy, and soy, among other vital foods that a normal child eats. What's a mom to do???? I do the best I can, but apparently it's not enough. He also has asthma, which apparently is a source of distress on your teeth and makes cavities easier to form....who knew????

While I was at the dentist waiting for the procedure to be completed, as I am shelling out over $575, that's with our so called insurance, that isn't really insurance, but a discount plan the receptionist/sales girl informs me that he has 4 more cavities -- these being his 4 front teeth and that will cost me over $700. Now I'm p*ssed, cuz at the cleaning that we just had a couple of weeks ago they tell me that there really isn't anything we can do about the front teeth that appear to be discolored -- (except put a veneer on them to help whiten their appearance) -- they came in that way!

I mean they were discolored when they first showed up...so are they telling me that he had cavities in his 4 front teeth as soon as he got teeth??? I'm confused and upset. I'm getting a second opinion and I'm looking for another way to fix those teeth....he's too young to go through this again!!! He was soooo upset this afternoon when we left all he did the whole way home was whine, and tell me how his mouth and lips hurt....It took about 45 minutes for him to calm down....I can't handle him going through this again unless it is absolutely necessary. How can a baby/child have cavities in his teeth as soon as they come in???

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Bella said...

All teeth are not made the same so don't fret...and IF he has 4 more cavities in his front teeth...the 'new' dentist can look and see how long it will be before they fall out or he can have them pulled...they are baby teeth and yes, it's a bit young, but (I had 4 boys) my #2 and #4 sons had bball injuries in T-Ball ..dentist pulled 2 front teeth and never a prob..just the gum area was a little tougher when top teeth came in...get another opinion sweety...poor baby 4 fillings!