Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Trip to Kansas

I'm sitting in my brother's living room, (on the wireless network they couldn't figure out how to operate,thankyouverymuch) watching my niece and That Other Kid competing to see who can draw the best pictures, numbers, letters and waiting for a load of laundry to finish drying so I can get That Other Kid dressed. It is a relaxing COLD day in Kansas, and it has been a good visit for me.

That Other Kid is going to preschool with my niece this afternoon and I'm going to take my dad up to the VA Hospital again for an injection to help raise his White Blood Count. He had to go in to give blood yesterday morning to check his counts and they were low, so he has to go up and get injections all week in addition to taking an antibiotic to ward off infections. He didn't want to bother me, but I came to Kansas to spend time with him and help him out, in addition to checking up on him. So I took him yesterday and I'll probably do it again tomorrow before I hit the road to head back to the Lone Star State, to my dh and teenager! This is just one thing I can do to feel like I am part of his treatment and recovery from this yucky cancer he is suffering from.

My purpose in coming to Kansas this week was to check up on dad and see for myself how he is doing....and he's doing ok, I think. It seems to me he has aged, but he is 70 so I guess he is getting older, huh? But he looks pretty much normal...he sits around alot, and that is strange for me to see. He was a manual laborer his whole adult life, so sitting around just wasn't in his normal routine. Even after he retired he started a little side business of wood crafts, so he was always busy. Now he sits....he just doesn't have much energy. My brother and I are going to purchase him a guest membership to the local rec center so he can get out and "do" something. I'm afraid he feels worthless now, since he doesn't have anything "productive" to do.

What do people do all day when they get this awful disease and they don't have the energy to do their normal things??? I feel I need to help him have a purpose to fight the cancer....I want him to live a longer, more productive life!

Thanks for your continued prayers. I'll be home tomorrow night...

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Anonymous said...

Ann, my prayers are for your heart and for you to have wisdom. It is a hard place for your dad and you.