Friday, February 29, 2008

Praise from my Dad

I just talked to my dad for a few minutes this afternoon to let him know that although the rest of my family has had the stomach flu with vomiting for nearly 24 hours I have managed (by God's healling powers and grace, I know) to avoid it COMPLETELY, so I WILL be coming up for a visit this week. He was soooooo happy! He also told me that he has NOT HAD ANY ill side effects (thank you God) and has been feeling just fine! I informed him that I had a bunch of people (most of which I don't even know) praying for him to have NO SIDE EFFECTS and to make this colon cancer treatment a success... He seemed to be shocked that 1) I would have my "friends" pray, 2) that God would "answer".

Soooooo, I just want to say thank you!!! Thanks for praying for me and my parents!!!!
I will be traveling this week to see for myself how he is, so please pray that my trip is safe and goes well. (It will just be That Other Kid and me, as dh has to work and That Kid has school and hockey to tend to.)

This will be the first time I have left That Kid alone with dh at home, so this will be a test to see how mature he really is -- see dh is not real alert to his surroundings (ie, he locks himself in his office and doesn't come out other than to eat) so it will be like That Kid is home alone! Hope they come out of the week unharmed;)

I'm taking my computer so if I get a chance I will let ya'll know how things are going while I'm there, otherwise I'll check back in Thursday sometime. Have a great weekend....

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