Saturday, August 23, 2008

Disappointed 4 year old

Today we got up and did our normal morning routine, then excitedly drove the 15 miles to the ice rink where That Other Kid was supposed to start his HOCKEY CLASS ...we got COMPLETELY dressed in gear...from HELMET TO SKATES, taking some 20 minutes. We walked up to the skate counter to get his name tag for class and lo and behold, class doesn't start till NEXT week. I read the date wrong on the brochure and the lady who actually did the paper work told me the wrong date. He was soooooo bummed. He was allowed to go out on the ice if he wanted, but he couldn't take his BRAND NEW stick so what's the fun in that????, so a friend of ours from a previous hockey season of That Kid's played hockey in the rink area with him...They were not on ice but he had fun anyway. Our friend really saved the day!!!

Sooooo, I guess next week we will do it all over again and hopefully, there will not be any glitches. I don't think I could handle that!

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