Sunday, August 24, 2008

School is Starting

For the kids around here school starts tomorrow morning bright and early 8 a.m. or there abouts. For our family the start of the new school year has never been a dramatic thing. As a homeschooling family we usually do school year round, with a lighter load in the summer months. This year is different!!!

This is That Kid's SENIOR year and as a senior he has earned the right (in our system of rules) to attend Dual Credit College Classes at the local community college. Homeschoolers, like other high school students 16 and older, with the approval of the student's teachers and administrator (ME, in both cases!!!), are allowed to take up to 2 college classes per semester and earn high school credits as well as college credits as long as they pass the entrance exam or do well with their SAT's and maintain a "C" average throughout the courses. Well the first criteria have been met -- he is now 18, passed the entrance exam and has signed up for his 2 classes for the semester. He is taking classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so he will start Tuesday morning! He is excited to finally go to a "real school" and I am excited that I have MUCH less responsibility for his school work! He will be taking a math class on Monday mornings -- outsourced also! but he will be doing 3 classes here at home. He will be a BUSY BEE, but I believe it will be a good year. FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS will be the key to success for him this year!!

So, you ask with all this "spare time" on your hands what will you do with yourself???...OH, that has been taken care see That Other Kid WANTS to do school too, so we will be doing a relaxed PRE-K/Kindergarten with him. We will do most of the school work while big brother is gone, so we will not be a distraction to him when he is here, and we will try to find things to do, places to go while he is here so he can give his full attention to his studies...not that I am a fool and believe he will actually use this time, but at least his brother won't be an excuse!!

Anyhooo, hope your school year starts with BIG SUCCESS, whether you are just starting your school adventure or are finishing up!! Or maybe you are doing both, like me!!

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