Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back In the Saddle

Well here I am....back in the saddle of blogging. Sorry that it's been sooooo long since I've been around. I guess having my dad's colon cancer surgery to deal with then immediately come home and celebrate That Kid's 18th birthday with his big party, then going to Beth Moore's Satellite Seminar, then to a baseball game/Mercy Me concert, 2 doctor's appointments in 1 day, trying to register That Kid for Dual credit classes twice (don't ask!!)...and on and on it goes has been a little more than my mental faculties could deal with.

This week I kind of went on a little mental vacation in my living room not really doing much of anything that didn't absolutely HAVE to be done. I barely even checked other people's blogs....I was sooooo out of it. Not to mention I must have caught a lovely summer cold from somewhere in all my adventures of the past few weeks, because I have been blowing green snot and feeling weak and tired regardless of how much sleep I've gotten during the night!

Anywhoooo, my dad is home from the hospital as of this past Wednesday evening. From the couple of times I have talked to him since he has been home it sounds like he is doing good. I'm trying to arrange a quick trip up there, but it looks like that isn't going to work out...too much going on and too little time. Oh well, maybe I can work it out soon. He has an in-home nurse that is coming to help out for a couple of weeks so that will be a big help to my mom as she is taking care of my niece and nephew again.

That Kid's party was a BIG success and a lot of fun. We rented a party boat and went out on the lake for 4 hours. The weather was HOT, just as you would expect for a late July night, so all the party guests swam, and swam, and swam with some intermittent eating and just hanging out! Everyone seemed to have a good time and That Kid even told me "thanks for throwing it", which for him to say anything about it told me he appreciated it and had fun. He's just not the mushy, gushy type:) Here's a picture of him just as the party is starting!

Here is a picture of him the night after his party .... he lost a "titty twister" dare and had to shave his head! I was shocked he actually did it...his hair has always been one of his highlights of his features. Oh well it's growing back already!

Well that's about it for tonight....but as I was sitting here I realized that I have been blogging for just over a year now. My first post was August 4, 2007! and I can gladly say I'm thrilled that I started has been fun and fulfilling. I'm looking forward to expanding it some this next year so that I can actually start getting more readers and maybe even start making some money from it. Thanks for joining me in my ride!!!

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