Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Proud Hockey Mom

I believe I've mentioned a few times that I am a proud momma of 2 hockey playing boys. One big, rough and tumble hard core player and one just starting out...still taking skating lessons. Well this weekend That Other Kid starts taking the beginning HOCKEY Class - it's called Hockey 101 and he is to show up in FULL GEAR! Well let me tell you I had FUN buying hockey gear for my little 4 year old. Keep in mind - he is a whole 40 1/2 inches tall! So you can imagine the difficulties in finding hockey gear in his size! Well we managed it....although the jersey is BIG (as in HUGE) and the hockey socks that cover the shin guards are HUGE also....but we can adapt! He looks sooooo cute I just couldn't resist a handful of pictures....and you can be sure there will be A LOT MORE this weekend!

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