Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Update on Dad

I talked to my dad tonight and he is doing good. He went to the oncologist that has been treating him for the cancer, and he has to undergo another round of Chemo. This round starts this coming Tuesday and will last a total of 8 weeks. He will go in on Tuesday, get the treatment and come home with the chemo bag. He will wear it till Thursday then go in and get it removed. The following week he will have a break, then he will repeat the process 3 more times. After this round of chemo he will have another surgery and hopefully, he will be done. I guess we will know more in a couple of months. This takes us into the first part of November, so I'm hoping that he will be done with this before the Thanksgiving/Christmas season.

He is in good spirits even though we thought he was already done with it all. He started walking again, and today he walked a mile at the gym, so I need to start increasing my time so I can say I walked more than my dad, who will be 71 years young in just a couple of weeks!

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