Monday, September 22, 2008

No Wonder I Have No Traffic on My Blog

I apparently never write here anymore....I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted something. I guess that just goes to show you how boring, mundane and not exciting my life has been this past week.

I've been going to the gym as often as I can. I went 3 times last week, and I'm going to try for 4 or maybe even 5 this week. I have been doing pretty well with watching my food intake and it has paid off, with 2 more pounds missing from this "obese" body of mine. That is what the doctor calls it, and I have to say I agree. Anyone who needs to lose 75 pounds just to get within the top of her weight range is definitely "obese".

I did a sleep study Friday night to try to determine why I am always matter how much sleep I get. They hooked me up to 22 wires and watched me sleep. How boring for this poor lady! I felt sorry for her, just sitting there all night long watching these 2 tv monitors waiting for me to do something exciting! I am looking forward to the results of the test, which I will get on October 1! The sleep study was nice in that I got to sleep in bed all by myself with no interuptions except for when I had to go the bathroom. Of course, they wanted me to go to sleep at like 10 p.m. and wake up at 5 a.m. which was a big drag....not exactly my normal hours, but oh well!

I walked on the treadmill and the elipitical machine at the gym and went 1.66 miles today. That is, so far, the most I have done since I started exercising again. But I need to bump it soon to be 71 year old dad, who just underwent colon cancer surgery in July, he started back to walking a couple of weeks ago and he walked 2 miles what is my problem??? Don't answer that! I already know....I'm FAT!!! He's not!!! So maybe by the end of the week I'll be able to do 2 miles....I also need to add some weights to my routine, but I just haven't done it yet. This is a process and I'm still working out the kinks! I'm rambled enough for now and I need to go to bed, so I'll try to write more often this week so maybe somebody will come read about what's going on in my little world. Hope you have a good week!

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