Saturday, August 29, 2009

So Ya'll Know.....

that for the past 5 months I have been working extremely hard at losing all this excess flab and blubber that I have been carrying around for WAY too long, right?!
Well if you read my blog, you can't help but know's about all I talk about these days. I have lost 25 pounds!! I'm so excited that I have to wear a belt with my "skinny pants"! They aren't really skinny jeans, but 5 months ago they were so tight on me I couldn't even pull them up to my knees, so I'm calling them "skinny jeans"! But it has been a struggle to find a pair of shorts to wear while I work out. I finally resorted to wearing a pair of dh's shorts that were too little for him, but too big for me. They work, not great, but they are doable. But they are starting to get really hard to work out in, cuz I can't draw the waist in enough...but I deal with it.

Anywho...I was over at the Sisterhood this morning and ChristieO was telling me about these awesome shorts she discovered! And the wonderful people at Sports Basement are going to give away a pair of these shorts!! All I have to do is enter and tell everyone about them. So that's what I'm doing!! Go check out these shorts! You can enter for the giveaway, but don't cuz I want to win....and I'll have a better chance if you don't enter, ok?!

But even you can go buy stuff from the Sports Basement site and get a discount by entering "ShrinkingJeans" in the coupon area. They have awesome stuff!!

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Brooke said...

what are the chances that you and i are the only ones that enter? you deserve them more than me (25#??? holy cow) but i'm still selfish enough.

my hubby doesn't get that its not a vanity thing - he thinks that i should just wear short shorts and be proud.

he has a twitter account and i don't, but he won't let me use it to get another entry