Friday, August 21, 2009

What I Did Today....

I got up at 7:45 a.m.. and went to the living room and laid down on the couch till 9:30 when I got up and started my morning routine, breakfast, shower, PRAYER (did you see that?). I didn't get the Bible reading in, though, which upsets me. Why can't I get this done?

After the morning routine was complete, I started working to clean out That Kid's room. DH is planning to move his office into the bedroom where That Kid has spent nearly the past 6 years. Since he is living in the dorms he was not able to take MOST of his stuff. He left behind his tv, queen size bed, desk, desk chair, bookcase, and all of his trophies, and hockey players collection. That's a lot of stuff!

My goal was to get the entire room cleaned out and cleaned! DH wants to start moving in this weekend, a little at a time. So this is what I did today!!

ALL THIS AND MORE came out of his room --

After I finally got done clearing out and cleaning the bedroom, I decided that I really needed to exercise tonight. I haven't been able to exercise much this week because of the move and last night I really needed a night out with my friend to "let it all out". The stress of life is starting to really get to me. That Kid moving away, dh not having any work (therefore no money coming in), college tuition to pay, bills to pay, etc., etc. So even though I was tired tonight from all the physical work of moving and cleaning everything out I did my WiiFit Hula! It felt good and I really worked it....see for yourself!

In case you can't see this it says 3410 !! New RECORD!! Yay for me!!

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