Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weigh In/Move In Day

First of all, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE OF YOU!! You guys have helped me make it through a really tough day!

I also want to thank Bo Pilgrim (ya know the chicken guy??) for his wonderful donation so that my son can have a beautiful building to worship in.

That Kid got moved into the dorms this morning without a hitch. They had upperclassmen helping to move the freshmen in and it was SO smooth! That Kid got there about 10 a.m. and had his car unloaded and in the room by 10:30 a.m. I arrived about 10:30 and had to wait awhile to get up to the dorms but there were TEAMS of helpers to unload my truck. My truck load was unloaded and hauled into the room before I even knew what hit me. By the time I got parked and back up to the dorm room, he had about half his stuff unloaded! Wow!! I was so pleased to have this done and out of the way. Once we got everything unloaded, organized and put away we were both starved so we went to the cafeteria that he has his meal plan with and we ate lunch, and it was GOOD FOOD! When I went to college 20+ years ago cafeteria food was AWFUL!

After lunch we went over to the book store and picked up his books for the semester. They have a plan where they will place the order for your books and collect them, then you just go pick them up. We walked in, told them his name, and they brought them out. The ticket had already been rang up, just needed to total it out and collect payment! OH MY GOODNESS!! College textbooks are SOOOO EXPENSIVE! I nearly had a heart attack when the total came to $440! He's only taking 13 hours! How could his textbooks cost that much?? So out came the credit/debit card and I paid for his books. We went back to the dorm room and browsed through them briefly and I looked over the receipt (twice). He will have a lot of reading to do this semester if these books are any indication as to his classes, but it will be a good experience for him.

After browsing through the books we parted ways, but I had to have 1 last picture of him, standing in his dorm and a nice, big hug. I probably crushed ribs...I didn't want to let go, but I knew it was what I had to do (for both of us). I went to the parent session, and he went to meet up with his small group. That was at 2:50 p.m.
I left about 4:30 to pick up That Other Kid who gave me a hug that nearly knocked me down! It feels good to be loved!!

Around 6:30 I texted That Kid and told him "I love you and hope you have a good night", about 7:45 I received this text, "i love ya 2, night"
That just opened up my flood gate of tears! That would be session number 6 of tears, in case you were wondering! But I have been praying every time I start crying, so I think they are "good tears". And he'll be covered in prayers at least for a few days!

Once again, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers....I know that today would have been a lot tougher without ya'll praying with and for me.

Ok....onto the Weigh-in portion of this post, which is why most of you are here!

Last week: 203.3
Today: 203.6

BUT...I normally weigh myself about 10:30 a.m. and today I didn't weigh myself till 9:30 p.m. so I'm not sweating it! I also did a TON of walking today around campus and a lot of moving around to get him moved in, so it could just be a different time of day, or all the activity I've had the past couple of days. OR it could be the ice cream that I have indulged in over the past 2 days, too!

But...tomorrow is a new day and the start of a new week. I'm getting better with meeting my goals for this 21 day challenge which is good since I only have 6 days left! I did get outside almost every day this past week and I have had the 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day but 1. Reading my bible I'm still struggling with, but I'm getting better with that too.

So...I've rambled and babbled long'd you do??


Christy - The Sisterhood said...

Oh Ann, you had me in tears AGAIN. Happy tears, though! I'm so glad it went well! It sounds like a finely tuned machine at his college!!! YAY!

I'm glad he texted you, too. I know he misses you just as much as you miss him. Oh, I so don't look forward to that day. My son has already told me he's never moving out, not even for college. Bless his 5 year old heart.

I'd say you would have registered a loss this week if you'd weighed this a.m.! I always weigh a couple pounds more at night! Check it again in the a.m.!!


Heather D said...

Ah, sounds like he's in a great place!

I bet you lost this week too. I gain like 4 pounds during the day sometimes.

Good job and chin up!

Karena said...

Great job, Ann! Sounds like you're coping well and staying strong. Keep us informed -- e-mail me any time. I have no life so I check in often throughout the day!

Hugs to you and both your kids!!

Sincerely Anna said...

BIG Day, Ann! I'm praying that your son has a great start to school and that God leads him through all the coursework and everything else.