Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Power Of One -- Week 3

Power of One Challenge

Has it really been a week since I checked in at the ol' blog? Apparently so since there aren't any other posts. I've had a busy week but that's not the purpose of this post....maybe just maybe I will get to write another post tonight or tomorrow to discuss my past week or maybe ya'll will just have to guess!

So time for the purpose of this post. Weigh-in time at the Sisterhood is a time I sometimes dread and sometime look forward to. This week I was looking forward to it. As I should have!

Starting weight: 3/25/2009 - 226.8

Starting challenge: 12/29/2010 - 196.0

Last week: 197.0
This week: 195.6

So over the past few weeks I have gained (boo)and then after working hard this week I am finally showing a loss!! I tracked my food, exercised, drank my water like I should and was much more attentive to what I did to and for my body. I even went to the gym this weekend and ran/walked 4 miles and rode the stationary bike for 7 miles - all in the same 2 hr time period! Heather threw out a challenge to our little Green Tribe group. She was going to ride her bike for 35 miles and run for 4 miles and wanted to get others involved. I seem to push myself further when others push me (which is why I love the Sisterhood too) and this definietly got me out of my comfort zone for the weekend. That Other Kid was sick this weekend with strep throat and clingy, grumpy, vomity (that's a word, right?), and whiny. All I really wanted to do was sit on the couch and veg out, but instead I hooked him up to the tv and while daddy was working in the bedroom/office I took off to the gym and busted out some stress relieving exercise...definitely BEYOND my comfort zone, although no where close to what Heather and her hubby, Ryan did! It felt good to push myself and it feels GREAT to be on the road to losing again!! are ya'll doing this year??


Heather said...

SUPER YEAH! I'm so proud of you for taking a time out for yourself... and look how good it paid off!! You Rock Ann, don't you forget it!

Brooke said...

woohoo! its great to push your limits. and it paid off this week! :)

Christie O. said...

it sounds like a great christmas song -- "oh comfort zone, oh comfort zone..." LOL CONGRATS on the loss!!! pushing boundaries (and eating right while doing it) most definitely means change!! congrats!

Christie O. said...

ps. i hope the little guy's feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Woot on the loss this week! You certainly rocked that challenge this week!

Tiffany said...

Great job Ann! Look at how far you have come... You are doing great and I am so glad that it was a good scale week!

Tricia said...

great job