Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week 4-- Power of One

Power of One Challenge

Well I have to say that I am NOT pleased with my scales this morning. I was really expecting a decent loss on the scales today. I have been faithfully tracking my food and exercise this week, watching my calorie intake and making sure that when I eat I am truly hungry!! Not just eating when I need to take my mind off what is going on around me. So needless to say when I got on the scales and saw that I had some I was not a happy camper, but I am NOT gonna let it myself be discouraged. I am just gonna keep working my tail off and maybe next week I will have a really great loss! I have worked out for 25 straight days as a participating member of the 100 Days of Movement from Facebook and I have to admit I am proud of myself for that one! Its been fun to push myself in this way and there have been days when I haven't wanted to do anything but sit in front of my computer and waste time but I haven't!! I worked out...even if for the required 30 minutes!

So here are the stats:

Starting weight 3/26/09 -- 226.8

Starting challenge weight: 196.0
Last week: 195.6

This week: 196.0

So I know its not much of a gain but in my "head" a gain is a set back....but I am learning right now that my HEAD IS NOT IN CHARGE!! and its a good thing my head isn't in charge because my head is telling me "screw it all, you worked hard and this is the thanks you got"!! Yes, I did work hard and I didn't let stress get the best of me and I'm not going to let this SMALL gain set me back!! I'm still going to keep doing what I "KNOW" I need to do and NOT let this gain get me down!!

Next Wednesday is my mom's knee replacement surgery so I will be in Kansas, but I am planning to exercise as much as possible (my brother works in the local rec center and he's gonna get me some guest passes so we can workout together!) and I'm taking my scale with me so I can do my weigh in. I will borrow a computer so I can check in...

Hopefully there wll be a huge loss on the scale next week!!


Adah said...

Hang in there Ann...You are doing great and you will push past this little bump in the road. Enjoy your time with you family and don't forget your water bottle!

Kirsten said...

Hang in there, definitely. Some weeks are bad weeks despite all you may have done. Just keep making the right choices (even thought it's harder at someone else's house) and you'll start to reap the benefits of your work.

ryan said...

25 straight days? Holy cow- that is awesome! Focus on the good stuff, Ann!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! 25 days in a row?!?! You ROCK!!! This happens sometimes to me too where I know I worked hard but my body hasn't caught up yet and I don't lose the weight until the week after.

And just like my bf always tells me... most of the fat is in my head anyways... lol so you're right! You can't believe what your mind tells you. The fat monster lives in there... lol you have to trust what you know inside... which is that you've worked hard and you've come such a long way and you're amazing!!! And you will lose the weight in time!

Tiffany said...

You are doing such a great job and have accomplished so much. It is mind boggling that the scale doesn't always reflect it. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason. I have had many weeks in the last month that I have really felt that I had lost several pounds and I have been very consistently around the 0.2-1 pound drop range. There have been some really tough mental moments for me, but I have just dug my heals in and silenced the mental voice.

Just shut it down and don't allow it to control you... YOU are going amazing and have accomplished so much! Tomorrow is a new day and the rest of this coming week is a clean slate!

Jodi said...

WOW! 25 days of movement! That is awesome!
I have weeks like yours and I have started a book study Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst to get my head more into God and raving Him instead of my sweet tooth addiction! Not too far into the book and it is great!
thanks for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading more of yours and getting to know you!

Brooke said...

be sure to pack snacks for the hospital - you don't want to be at their mercy for food!!

i'll be praying for your mom

Tami @ said...

Keep up the workouts and I'm sure you'll see a loss next week!

Anonymous said...

A gain is not a setback, it's an opportunity to fix what went wrong.

Don't sweat the gain. I can't wait to hear how you do next week!!

Christie O. said...

HOLY COW, 25 DAYS IN A ROW???? Hooray!!!! Congrats!! (it's almost 30 now!!) ya know, i bet you saw a loss the next day or something, sometimes the weight doesn't come off in time for weigh-in and boohiss on that, but keep doing what youre doing! you're doing AWESOME!! a week with a huge non-scale victory like that should be celebrated!!