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Monday Project -- My 2011/2010 Letter

The Monday Project

This Month over at the Sisterhood we are doing weekly/monthly projects. These are designed to help us "get our head in the game" and make us think outside of the box. Last January we did this and it was soooo enlightening. I still have my Motivation Board hanging above my computer (just have a couple of additions to it). On my Motivation board I have my letter to my 2011 self printed out. It has been interesting to look over it occasionally through this very difficult year. I have also seen things that I did that even my 2011 self didn't believe was possible! and there were things that my 2010 self got in the way of. My 2012 letter will follow in my next post but....first things first!

Good morning you healthy, happy thing,

Here it is the end of January 2011!! Can you believe how far you have come since the beginning of 2010? I can, but then again I had more confidence in you than you did at the beginning of the year. So let’s run through some of what has been accomplished during the year, shall we? I think you’ll be surprised.

The beginning of 2010 was a very stress filled time for you and your family while your hubby looked for employment and you both just wanted to give up on everything, but through the power of God and friendship you hung tough and pulled through.

Now he is happy and bringing in some big bucks through his work as an architect and other endeavors. You sucked it up and just decided you didn’t lose all that weight in 2009 to gain it all back and worked harder than ever at getting down to “goal weight” (which you just accomplished a couple of weeks ago!!) Yay!! You finally got to join your youngest son at the bounce house this summer, because you finally were “skinny” enough to ride the rides (150 pounds seemed like it would never show up on those finicky scales of yours), but you persevered and it finally appeared one day when you least expected it! Oh how happy your little man was when you got to play with him there!!

Exercising and eating right became such an important part of your life during 2010 that it is hard to even imagine going more than a day of eating junk food and laying around… that’s not to say there aren’t days that you don’t eat the “right” foods, or exercise, but now it is a rarity. The rest of the family is totally on board with you, too, so now everyone eats good, healthy foods and exercises right along with you. What a joy to have a healthy, strong family! This was also the year that your extended family started heading in the right direction with their health…That was fun to watch!

You also started doing things you never thought you could accomplish again; bike riding for long distances, hiking with friends, walking in the 3 Day Walk for the Cure, and even beginning to get into the running scene that all the girls at the Sisterhood have been doing all year. With the rough cartilage in your knees you never thought that you could do all these physically challenging activities but you can reverse a lot of health issues when you start taking care of your health. Your doctors are pleased beyond belief at what you have done this year and authorized you to go off all your medications except your allergy medication! Wow….you/I never would have thought that would be possible!

You had other accomplishments this year as well. You started getting caught up on some of your long awaited craft projects. You cross stitched a Christmas stocking for your little man, made some scrapbooks for both boys, and worked on a quilt for your oldest son. You also learned that you need time for YOU!! That was a difficult one, since other than exercising you rarely took any time for you before this year. You also started dating your husband again, which was beneficial for your entire family. What fun…

Well that takes care of the highlights of 2010. You have accomplished so many things this past year and I just wanted to sit down and tell you how proud I am of you for not giving up at the beginning of the year like you wanted to! That would have been the easy way out, and you chose to go the hard way…and we both know that nothing comes easy that is worth doing!

Love ya, Me!!

Well the year turned out to be much more difficult than anyone realized was even possible with me having to find employment for 7 months of this year, but during this time I still did my best to maintain some sense of health. I only gained about 20 pounds or so during those 7 months (which in all honesty is a small fraction of what it could have been if I had not been TRYING to eat properly). I have lost all but 5 of those additional pounds in the past 2 1/2 months, too! I also learned more about myself during those 7 months than I ever knew needed to be learned!

I did take up running!! I know I'm shocked too! I have run 2 outside 5K's and I also did a indoor/treadmill 5K yesterday. I'm slow but hey, that's ok...I'm running and although I wouldn't say I love it, I do like how I feel empowered by the knowledge of being ABLE to run!! My parents and one of my uncles also started walking on the indoor track in their local rec center and I can't tell you how happy I am about that! My brother (who is an inspiration to me) has also been doing triathalons and various races. He was how I managed to make it through my first 5K in October...

I am still in the process of losing weight but with the year I just came out of I guess I should be thankful I'm not starting over again! I wasn't able to play with That Other Kid at the bounce house yet but I know that by the end of the year I will be able to...IF I do what I know needs to be done. My "me time" was dramatically reduced (even more so than usual) since I worked more than half the year so I didn't get to work on any of my craft projects but I'm ok with that. There's always this year!!

The hubby and I have started spending (most) Saturday evenings at home watching Netflix movies for our version of date night! It has been nice and fun!! We've seen some WEIRD movies and some good just never know on some of these movies!

Well that takes care of this year...I'm praying for a much more successful year for 2011!! Stay tuned for my 2012/2011 letter!

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