Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quick Post

I just have a few minutes before I need to go to bed, but I wanted to let ya'll know how things are going with my friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She under went her first chemo treatment on Thursday and she is having a lot of nausea and aches and pains. She has also developed some "blisters" around the chemo port and that is causing some concern. She is going into the dr tomorrow morning to have it all checked out. I'm praying that the blisters go away and all is good.

While she goes into the doctor to have the blisters checked out and take care of some errands with her mom I am going to go over to her house and tackle some heavy duty cleaning for her. She needs to have a nice clean, sanitized home to live in. I believe it will help keep her healthier and this is something physical that I can do to help her. I'm starting in her bedroom/bathroom and moving into the main parts of the house, so I will be doing something that will benefit her and her health tomorrow. I just pray it will help her deal this miserable disease a little better if she has a clean home.

On another note: today I participated in a challenge with Heather and some other people and pushed myself beyond my norm at the gym. I ran/walked 3.66 miles on the treadmill and then I went over to the stationary bike and did a 3 mile ride! Felt good to push myself like this today! I have goals to meet and having these extra pushes on the weekend will help me meet these goals I believe! Saturday I did some deep cleaning in my apartment and spent about 6 hrs cleaning, moving furniture and organizing. My kitchen hasn't been this clean since we moved in last November!! and my bathrooms actually smell good (at least for another day or so maybe)!!

Ok...I need to go to bed so I can get some good rest before cleaning my friends house tomorrow!! Please pray for my friend as she undergoes the chemo treatments and finds out what the blisters are all about tomorrow.

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*Lissa* said...

You are an amazing friend, Ann. I hope your friend can kick this cancer's ass.