Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Confessing It All

Today is Tuesday over at the Sisterhood and in honor of April and her wonderful poem and a GIVEAWAY for POPCHIPS (the most wonderful chips I have tasted to date) I am going to attempt some of my confessions in a rhyming fashion.

Allergies suck and I let them lead me down a slippery slope of eating crap food this weekend. How crap you might ask? To the tune of 4 ice cream bars, 3 Heath candy bars, 2 huge scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough (yes, raw), and just to round this out nice and neat, 1 row of brownies that were supposed to be for hubby for fathers day!

During the weekend of crap food I did little more than lie around on the couch and sit at the computer complaining to myself and others who would listen (which really was no one) about how badly allergies suck. Meaning no exercise really got accomplished although there was plenty of time to do so. I would have felt better too! I did manage to drink plenty of water during the weekend because I was so thirsty so I guess it wasn't all lost, huh?

Monday morning I woke up and decided enough was enough, allergies will be what they will be but I don't have to let them define me! (See I rhymed that line!)
I ate a good breakfast, and decided that no matter what the Shrinking Jeans bootcamp workout was I was gonna do it to the best of my ability. Then I saw that the first part of the workout was SPRINTS!

Come on now....I don't run fast! I barely run at all! I sucked it up and decided YES, you can do this! Your sprints may not be fast compared to others but for you they are fast...JUST DO IT!! So I laid out my game plan. Got dressed in workout clothes, decided where and when I would workout and didn't let anything change my mind! Once I dropped That Other Kid off for karate class (for 3 hours of me time!!) I went to the local high school track and found a bunch of high school kids having a meeting of sorts on the track! Oh no, what now? I decided to go over to a local park that has lots of different areas and I found a great place to workout! So I did!!

Yes, the sprints sucked, but I did them! Yes, it was hot (95ish) but I found trees and shade to do the workout in, so I did the workout there! Here's another confession at the time, I didn't really think the workout was all that tough. Yes, it was challenging but it all seemed doable to me. BUT... by the time I was done and started walking back to my car I was already feeling the effects of that workout! My legs were sore (and I did do my stretches at the end) and I was having a hard time walking back to the car! By the time 8 o'clock hit last night I was so sore I could hardly get up and down out of the chair.

I asked That Kid to go over to the track with me so I could walk around to stretch my legs but he was engrossed in a game with friends so he said he wasn't going to go, so I decided the best thing for me to do would be to sit on the floor and stretch! I ended up stretching for 30 minutes...I'm glad I did too, cuz I can't imagine how sore I would be today if I wouldn't have! I'm gonna have to invest in something like a foam roller or Artic-ease I think!

Food yesterday was very good....I didn't want to blow that great workout by eating crap food! Today is shaping up to be a good food day! I don't know what I will do workout wise but I know it will involve a lot of stretching. I'm hoping to do the #tworkout tonight too!

I'm hoping that my indiscretions of the weekend don't hurt me too much on the scale tomorrow. I have a great team of ladies counting on me!!


Brooke said...

i read somewhere that a rolling pin could be used as a foam roller subsitute. although i've never tried it.

Adah said...

Chips and Salsa was my issue this weekend! But like you I started over on Monday! Good job for both of us!

Bacardi Mama said...

I invested in a foam roller a few months ago and it is one of my best purchases ever. I did the sprints in my back yard because we have 3/4 acres. I'm like you. I don't run fast. I barely run. I really hate running. I've tried to like it, but it just doesn't like me. I always have some kind of issue. Back to you....great job getting back on track. Here's hoping we both have a good weigh in tomorrow.