Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bursting Into Summer (or not!)

It's time for weigh in Wednesday and I kind of hoping against all odds that the weekend food fest that I had wouldn't hurt me too much BUT I guess it was just too much to hope for. So let's get the ugly part of this post over with so we can go on to the better things of life, ok?

Last week: 194.6
This week: 195.2

Yes, I know in the big scheme of things that a gain of .5 is not that bad but u think the thing that bugs me so much about it is I once again let circumstances dictate my food choices! My allergies are incredibly bad right now and instead of eating as I should I told myself that it was ok to eat crap because I didn't feel good. Bottom line is right now I can't really taste anything so I should be eating the good for me stuff since I can't really taste the crap food! Instead I ate junk and kept wanting more and more!

But today is a new day and I'm going to stick with my low glycemic index foods. I know following this plan I can lose weight and a decent amount of it!
So expect to see a lower number on next weeks weigh in post!

I did the boot camp workout Monday and honestly I am still sore from it but I need to do today's now! I figure if I do it today even though I am sore by Friday I will feel pretty good. Besides it felt great to push myself like that!

Hydration was the challenge for the week and that wasn't a problem for me as I usually drink around 100 oz a day. Monday I think I drank about 130 oz and based on how hot/humid it is today I'm sure I will do the same or more today.

This weeks challenge is breakfast! This one is a bit more challenging for me but as long as I stick to the LGI plan I have this one under control too.

Hope everyone has had a great start to the challenge and has a good week!


Bacardi Mama said...

You're is a new day and you just start over. We've all done it before. You'll post a loss next week.

Brooke said...

allergies are awful here too

*raises glass of water* to third, eleventh, and seventy-seventh chances!

Laura P said...

You know what works for you and that's great! Stick to those foods. :)

Here's to a great second week.

Adah said...

Allergies just suck...they seem to drain me of my good sense! Good luck this week...I know you can do it.

Mom of 3 boys said...

allergies do stink! We have had crappy rainy weather here all week so far. You can do it and stick to the good foods!

fatisnotanoption said...

It happens to all of us. We have good weeks then some bad. It's normal to fluctuate. You know I got your back though! You're awesome!!!! You will do well this week!!!!

imadramamama said...

I can't wait to see what that number is on Wednesday!