Sunday, June 12, 2011

This Week's Pictures

This was a really long week. That Other Kid was sick most of the week running a fever of up to 104.6 and vomiting. Hospitalization for dehydration was tossed around by the doctors and I was a wreck wondering why my baby was so sick. He was put on amoxicillin on Wednesday and by Thursday his fever was gone and he was feeling better! Pictures this week reflect the sickies of the week and other random stuff!

I got nothin' for Monday, the 6th! I had gotten about 2 hours of sleep and That Kid was violently ill! I just couldn't conjure up the ability to take a picture of anything!

This picture was taken on the Tuesday, the 7th. He had been sick with high fever and vomiting for more than 48 hours, but he could still smile for the camera!

This is from Wednesday, the 8th! After waking up with a fever of 104.6 Wednesday morning and going in to see the dr AGAIN, he was given 2 doses of medicine. Finally the fever broke...Happy dance!!

He was feeling better but not 100% on Thursday and he was complaining of being cold, but the blanket was a whole 10 ft away and the pillow case was right there, so he curled up in that instead! I thought it was pretty humorous and apparently so did a lot of my friends...I got several comments from facebook from this post! Becca even decided to give it a try and curled up in her own pillow case!

This one is from Friday night, the 10th. Since one of the reasons I decided to do this "daily picture taking thing" was so I could get some pictures of That Kid before he goes off to boot camp I decided to snap a picture of him doing what he does best...sitting at the computer!!

Saturday, the 11th was kind of a lazy day since That Kid was finally back to mostly normal and it was too hot to do anything outside...apparently the kitten thought it was a great time to curl up on my lap and take a snooze, too!

This picture of That Other Kid and I was taken tonight as we were snuggling up before bedtime!! He's such a goofy boy and I love his smile!

Hope you had a great week...and I hope to take more exciting pictures this week as I continue my picture taking journey!

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