Monday, June 27, 2011


I'm laying in my living room floor with an ice pack on my quadricep. I have been stretching, icing, heating and stretching more! I have taken advil, eaten bananas, and tried to relax and nothing seems to be helping. I'm so frustrated!
Last week while doing the boot camp workouts I noticed my quads seemed really tight so I spent extra time stretching them. I did the workout Monday and was sore but felt great! I felt like I had challenged myself and I was proud of the fact that I had accomplished something challenging. I was still pretty sore on Wednesday but went ahead with the workout! The sprints were pretty slow, even for me but I had pushed myself and I got the heart rate up which is what the purpose of the sprints were. I was gone all day Friday and busy again on Saturday so I didn't get the workout done when I wanted but I had noticed my quads were pretty tight so I figured an extra day off would probably be ok. Sunday evening I was a little stiff but figured once I got moving I would be ok. I got That Other Kid to bed and dressed to start my boot camp workout. I devided to do 10 minutes step aerobics for my "warmup" walk. Then I told hubby that I was doing the sprints outside and he was concerned about me being out in the dark so he came out to make sure I was safe. I stretched for a few seconds and pushed my run keeper app to start and took off! After 10 seconds bothy quads cramped up to the point of tears! I couldn't move! I just stood there screaming in pain! Hubby helped me back in the house where he literally lifted my legs onto the ottoman so I could wait for heat to be applied. I stretched, heated, iced, took advil, ate a banana, and drank a bunch of water. 45 minutes later I could walk by myself!

It's been 26 hrs with repeated icings, stretching, heatings, advil, and tlc and I still hurt when I walk very much!

I so wanted to do boot camp with all the ladies at Shrinking Jeans but now I am sidelined and don't know how to make my quads work well enough to do what they need to do.

Hubby suggested a deep muscle massage and if they don't feel better by tomorrow evening I guess I will be making an appointment for a massage. I may be sidelined for awhile because if this but I'm not quitting! I will complete the 6 week boot camp!! I want this and will get it!!


Christie O. said...

how frustrating!!! don't worry though, remember my bicep problem? they were tight and charlie horsey for a week! you really have to give it a while to rest, it literally took mine a week before they felt even a little normal. you probably had some sort of a muscle strain. just give it a short break and pick up again when it feels better, don't worry about being "sidelined," just worry about nursing it back!!!! love you girlie!!

Brooke said...

i'm sorry ann :( that stinks. but i love your determination!

*Lissa* said...

That bites the big one. Injuries suck.

Give it time, and take it easy!

Adah said...

I'm sorry Ann! I know how dissappointed you are but you will come back. You have the determination to do it!

Nadine said...

I'm sorry, being injured stinks!! Do you have a foam roller?