Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Week in Pictures

All year I have been watching my friends post pictures from their week. All year long I've been thinking I should do this, especially since That Kid will soon be away for long periods of time with the Marines. Sooooo.....this week I decided to jump on board. I downloaded the "Project 365" app and started finding things out of my day to snap a picture of. Some are gonna be pretty random. Some will be goofy. Some will be serious. Some will just be my life!

Here are the first 5 pictures I have taken this week!

That Other Kid showin' me his 'guns' and abs!!

My best friend, 5 weeks post breast cancer surgery! She looked radiant on Thursday and I just had to take a picture of her!

The boys hanging out...That Kid playing video games and That Other Kid watching!

One of the kittens that came home to join our family in December! He's grown so much since that's hard to believe he is less than 8 months old!

I guess I'm finally coming to grips with That Kid joining the Marines and leaving me in a few months cuz I sat on the couch and looked at this shirt for a while this afternoon while he played video games (and I didn't cry!) and I realized that he's my kid and he's soon gonna be "the few, the proud, the marines". He could leave anytime between now and September 19th.

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