Sunday, July 27, 2008

18 Years Ago Today....

I turned 25 and spent my first full day at home by myself with my 3 day old infant boy! I was scared, sad, and lonely. I was unsure of myself and this little boy who seemed to need me so much. He was a good sleeper, but I didn't know it at the time! I didn't know ANYTHING...except I should have been allowed to stay in the hospital longer so the nurses (one of which was a high school friend) so they could help me take care of this little baby who needed me 24/7. My dh went to take care of a project that needed to be done and was supposed to be home by dinner time, but actually didn't arrive home till midnight. This was in the day BEFORE cell phones and being able to contact the people you want to talk to anytime...just by picking up the phone and dialing their cell number.

I was alone and so I finally called a friend who took me to JC Penney's, to buy a nursing bra, that before that day I didn't even know would be needed. But boy, I needed it...I was falling out of my regular bras and they were uncomfortably tight! Wow....3 days after becoming a mom can change a woman measurably!

Anywho....that was my exciting 25th wasn't perfect, but it was memorable! Now that little baby boy is an 18 year old young adult and occasionally he still needs me!! and I'll take whatever I can get....I'm still his momma and he's still my little baby, even if he's not dependent on me 24/7! and I'm glad he's at least past that stage...I'm not quite ready for this stage of life, but I wasn't ready for that one either. Maybe I'll never be ready for the next stages of life that come to me. Are you???

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