Friday, July 18, 2008


I don't like dealing with nightmares for my kids, so I have always been careful about what they watch on tv, video games, movies, etc. Lately it has gotten more difficult to do this as the age gap of the 2 boys seem to widen daily. My sensitive little boy and my almost adult age kid....they get along well and want to "hang" so that is a blessing to me, but I have to monitor what they do together. Recently, That Other Kid has decided he wants to watch That Kid play some more aggressive video games, and I have allowed it to a degree, as long as I'm aware of what it is and what is involved. No shooting people, no blood and guts/gore, nothing overly violent.

That Kid has a video game that is all about fighting...and since the 2 boys like to "play fight" I allowed That Other Kid to watch and even "occasionally" play the game under supervision. Well that all ended this morning at 5 a.m. That Other Kid woke up SCREAMING and fiercely CRYING....he had a nightmare! His heart was beating so fast and he was truly SCARED. He told me the "fighter guys were beating him up and wouldn't stop hurting him". I wasn't quite clear what he was referring to but inquired further and got more info. Apparently the fighter guys that were in the video game, got out and were fighting him and wouldn't stop hurting him. So after calming him down and ensuring that NO ONE was going to hurt him and about 30 minutes of comforting, etc. he went back to sleep.

Tonight I informed That Kid....NO MORE FIGHT GAME with That Other Kid and explained the reason. He hopefully we have completed this chapter in raising to different generations of kids in the same house! and HOPEFULLY NO MORE NIGHTMARES!! I need my sleep!!!!!

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