Saturday, July 12, 2008

Making Preparations

I'm sitting in my living room watching That Other Kid dig through a HUGE bucket of Batman/Starwars/Superman toys from That Kid's childhood. See I'm too cheap to go out and buy him his own toys, I'm making him play with toys from the mid-90's when That Kid was a little boy! No, really why go buy some more junk to clutter the toy room/living room and every other room in the house when these were just sitting out in the garage taking up space we no longer have???

My purpose in sitting here this afternoon was originally to start making some more distinct and final plans for That Kid's 18th birthday party. I'm leaving town for a week right before the party and need to make sure I have everything planned and finalized before I leave. It's hard to concentrate on planning a huge bang-up birthday party while sitting in a hospital room watching your 70 year old dad recover from colon cancer surgery.

So.... I have 1 week and 1 1/2 days left to plan!!! I pretty much have the major things planned, but I still need to do some shopping for the accessory things; like party plates, decorations, and FOOD and DRINKS for a bunch of people, mostly teenagers that like to EAT!! Well I better get busy....the days a wastin' away!!

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