Monday, July 7, 2008

The Weekend's Over

and I actually survived it...although my Vicadin is emptier. I was still in pain this morning and I didn't pass those stones, so I made a number of phone calls this morning and managed an appointment with a Urologist...we just had to drive 45 minutes to get there. The Urologist wanted to look at my CTScan's so I had to swing by the Imaging place and pick them up.

I couldn't drive cuz I have been hopped up on Vicadin for the past 4days so That Kid drove me and went to a local mall with his best friend while I was at the doctor. He was pretty prompt which is a nice change as a new patient. He looked over my info, looked over my scans, my new urine sample, and then did a physical exam on me. He determined from the scans, the physical exam and the urine sample that I DO Have kidney stones, but NOT kidney stones that will pass ... but the pain is being caused by a KIDNEY now I'm on antibiotics and I have to get off the the Vicadin over the next couple of days. I also get to drink LOTS of Cranberry Juice, water and eat lots of yogurt! So there you have it pain is gonna stay around for a few more days, but at least its not gonna feel like child birth to get rid of the pain. Just taste pretty bad!

Hope you all are doing well....I'll talk to you after I get to taste some yummy :( Cranberry Juice!!

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