Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alive and Starting to Kick Back!

I'm starting to feel better. The Urologist must have been right, go figure, huh?? The gallons of pure Cranberry Juice (gag me!) and the antibiotics are working. I'm having a lot of bathroom issues, shall we say, that are keeping me close to home and the toilet. Enough said. I have given up my beloved COKE...I haven't had one in 1 WEEK....shall we have a moment of silence???

Ok, moment over. That Other Kid needs something ACTIVE to do, so we are hitting a bounce house tomorrow. I hope he meets some kids to wear him out! He is wearing me out with all the nagging and whining and plain out and out boredom.

That Kid is 2 weeks TODAY from being 18 years old and I'm really dreading it! My little baby is going to be a legal adult in 2 weeks, what will become of me?? Will I be able to adapt?? Only time will tell...but I know I won't be able to adapt if That Other Kid drives me insane first!

My dad's colon surgery is on July 22. Please pray for the surgeons, hospital staff, and my family. Thanks ever-so-much!

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