Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cars!!!! UGHH

They drive me batty!!! Yes, they do! We are a 2 car family, with "under normal conditions" 3 drivers. Do you see a problem yet? I do, but of course it is my life, so yeah...

Do you know what happens every year around the first part of March while living in Texas? The temperature raises to "unseasonable" temperatures of 80 degrees or more. Did you know that driving around in traffic, on the highway with no Air Conditioning can be rather annoying? No, well trust me on this one it is. The ac is not working in our truck (the vehicle that is actually in working order right now). Of course, the ac works in our other car, but the clutch isn't....kinda hard to drive a standard transmission car without a clutch; did you know that? So we are 3 drivers driving 1 vehicle without a air conditioner...and guess what today the temperature is supposed to be "well into the 80's". Whatever that means, huh? And of course the person who is most sensitive to these warm temperatures is the person who has numerous meetings today! (That would be dh.)

Well I'm off to play Wii with That Other Kid and try to accomplish something around the house today, since I can't go anywhere; not that I really want to anyway....what with the warm weather and the no ac problem...ya know??!!

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