Monday, March 30, 2009

Update For Today's Challenge

My Dh bought me the WiiFit for Christmas and I've only used it 3 times prior to tonight...but this challenge has encouraged me to get it out and use it. I did it tonight for 25 minutes!! yeah for me!!

I had only done the hula hoop event for 2 spins before tonight! Pretty pathetic doncha think? Anyway, I practiced and practiced and practiced tonight and got up to 21 spins!! 2 times!! so at least I'm improving...I know it's not much but any improvement is IMPROVEMENT! and besides I actually worked out on the WiiFit today!

I also started cleaning out the garage which needs some major overhauling and restructuring! Think President Obama would give us a stimulus package since our garage is in such sorry shape?? Sorry I couldn't resist!!

This weekend That Other Kid had some major hockey events! I have a great picture of him before his final game of the season that I just knew you would want to see....

Thanks for humoring me!! Btw, if you like this picture and live in the DFW area you can have your kids pictures taken by the man who took this one. His name is Trey Hill and his website is here. Tell him Ann sent you!

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