Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Saw The ENT Today....

and now I have a little tube in my right ear! She sucked the liquid gunk out of my ear and put the tube in all during an office visit. All this while That Other Kid sat in the chair writing his alphabet and asking his normal "millions" of questions. The nurses and doctor were all very supportive and even helped to keep him interested in everything but the actual procedure. The doctor did let him look inside my ear with the big microscope...but I don't think he really understood what he was looking at!

Apparently, they only put little kids under for this procedure...NOT grownups! I can understand why. It was uncomfortable, but not UNBEARABLE...kind of like labor pains before you are able to get drugs...ya know?? Only these pains were in my ear! and it already hurt. But NOW I CAN HEAR OUT OF MY RIGHT EAR!! Whoooohooo~~ what a great feeling!! I really do appreciate my hearing now that I haven't been able to for a while. It only took about 10 minutes, which really surprised me. The most time consuming part of the whole procedure was explaining everything to me then That Other Kid! lol and collecting all the right instruments and such!!

I should be able to stay ear infection free now....I'm praying that it will be so!!

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