Monday, March 9, 2009

I Hate Grumbling, But It's All I Got!!!

Thursday night while putting That Other Kid to bed, I noticed my right ear hurt a little. I ignored it as usual, figuring it was just a result of the allergens moving through the air. Within 30 minutes I was in full blown PAIN....and couldn't remember the reason I drove to Target (to buy cat food, milk and tp). I walked through the store and finally remembered to get the cat food, milk and tp.

I then drove down to pick up That Kid from work and came home and immediately crashed in bed, after feeding the cat (who thought she was starving to death) and taking a pain killer! I was asleep LONG before MIDNIGHT, which I'm tellin' ya just doesn't happen in my world! I woke up Friday morning feeling much worse than when I went to bed Thursday night. I let That Kid drive himself to school, and made a doctor's appointment for the afternoon. I sat around and moaned and groaned about how miserable I was all day, then went to the doctor.

The nurse took one look at my right ear and she said and I quote for emphasis, "NICE ONE!". The doctor came in about 30 seconds after she left and took down the same info that I just gave the nurse and she looked in my ear and told me, "No wonder your ear hurts so bad, not only is it extremely infected but your ear drum is hemorrhaging, too!" In lay terms....I have an inner ear infection and a busted ear drum! I was told to see the ENT this week and take this potent antibiotic. Oh, but it doesn't stop, I'm allergic to said "potent" antibiotic! One of the side effects is that it will "cause severe join pain"....guess who woke up Saturday morning not able to walk, move around, move her fingers without SEVERE JOINT PAIN??? Uh, that would be ME!! Sitting was painful, moving was painful and so was laying down!

I was an utter mess...not to mention the pain in my ear was so bad I was and still am experiencing bad headaches.

I got a new medicine but spent all day yesterday trying to rid my body of the old medicine, while trying to do at least a few things. You know, like move!!!

I tagged along to That Other Kids hockey game yesterday afternoon and watched upstairs in the warmth of the lobby instead of being at rink/glass level, but at least I was there! His team lost, but that's ok...he didn't seem to be too upset about it. I guess the coach truly is teaching these little guys that the purpose of the game is to have fun! Cuz that's what he talks about most of the time...which is surprising to me, since he is sooooo dang competitive!

Today I woke up feeling minimal joint pain, and decided I had to tackle a few things around the mountains of laundry, getting the car to the shop (ie call them and have them tow it!) since the idea of driving a car with a clutch that doesn't work 35 miles down the highway was a little more than my head/ear could handle! I also made an ENT appointment for tomorrow. I also changed the DISGUSTING SAND BOX for the cat. It was getting so bad she was protesting going to it, and she's not usually very picky about it....but it was so bad it made the house smell! I also lit 4 nice smelling candles!

Well that about takes me through the weekend and through today. This evening I'm planning to go to bed early and rest! Here's hoping the rest of this week goes better...

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