Sunday, November 7, 2010

C25K Training -- Day 4 of Week 1

Today was really Week 1 Day 4 of the C25K training plan, but according to my Ipod it was only Day 3. Wednesday when I was at the gym doing my run, I switched over to another app right before the end of my training session and erased my entire Day 2!! So...I had a choice to make...either run today to "make up" my missed day on the app or just make my new "week" start on Wednesday instead of Monday. I really want to try to adhere to the Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday training plan so that my body has time to recover so I decided to take advantage of running this morning before the day got too busy. I'm soooo glad I did!

Today I went by myself since dh was home to supervise That Other Kid and so I was free to take a little bit more of a risk as far as where I went. I went out onto the main street (sidewalk only) and so I was able to run/walk freely. I ended up going a total of 2.77 miles in the 31 minutes that I ran! I'm so excited to see the progress from just this week! I can only imagine where I will be in a couple of weeks!

Here is the progress for the week:

Monday - I'm not real sure how far I went, but I'm guessing around 1.75 miles

Wednesday -- On the treadmill at the gym, 1.83 miles

Friday -- In my old neighborhood with the wind and cold temperatures, 2.5 miles

Saturday -- In my neighborhood, including the busy street/sidewalk, 2.77 miles

I think that's pretty good progress for one week, huh??!!

btw, I added this nifty gadget so I (and ya'll) can see my progress of weightloss! I think it will help me stay motivated if I see this in my face all the time!

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Brooke said...

your awesome!! that's excellent progress