Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Confessions....

Time for Confession time again over at the Sisterhood. I knew that this week would be somewhat of a challenge, but I had no idea I would go this crazy with the food...

Here are my confessions:

I love to bake...and I baked ALOT over the past week...unfortunately I ATE MOST of what I BAKED! Apple pie, pumpkin pie, banana bread, oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip cookies...and that's just the desserts! As far as the meal I did fine with that and didn't even eat a million dinner rolls like I usually do...it was the "after dinner" that I failed at!

Since I had done so miserable with the desserts and baked goods on Thursday I figured the rest of the weekend was going to be miserable with digestive issues and just didn't watch what I ate at all....way too many desserts (gotta get them out of the house, ya know??!!)

Then I just threw caution to the wind on Sunday and ate a cinnamon roll for breakfast, some banana bread and a soda for lunch and a cheeseburger, fries, coke, and Butterfinger Shake for dinner. I figured the weekend was a bust on the eating so I was at least going to end it with a shake! But...the good news is I have eaten well yesterday and today!!

My hubby asked me if I was gonna confess these transgressions to my "peeps" and I told him, "yes I needed to make sure everyone knows that I am weak!!" I thought it was funny that he was asking me about this!!

I got my EaSports Active 2 game from Mr. UPS yesterday and That Other Kid wanted to play it before me...I wouldn't let him! I wanted to play it first and I did!! It was great, btw! But he was up first thing this morning wanting to play it! He's played it twice today and he got his heart rate up WAY higher than I did last night...I guess I need to work harder! lol

I got the "junk" out of the house and I am back on track for eating right and I have been guzzling water so I am hoping I don't have a major gain tomorrow morning! Glad Thanksgiving only comes once a year!!

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