Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanks For Your Support

Well today was the day for the Ultimate Shrinkvivor announcement. I knew I was going to be gone most of the day so I got up and looked right away to see if they put the announcement of the winner -- to no avail. They posted a great recipe, but not the announcement I was waiting for, so I left with That Other Kid and my phone fully charged so I could CONSTANTLY check for the announcement I knew would soon be coming.

Would I be the Ultimate Shrinkvivor?? It was anyone's guess at this point and I was anxious to find out!

We went to see MegaMind with some friends and then went to lunch. The movie was great so I was distracted enough with the movie that I didn't check my email or the Shrinking Jeans website till after the movie. Still no announcement and it was nearly 1 p.m.!! UGH!! When will they get the winner posted??!! We went to lunch and I check a couple of times during lunch...still nothing! After lunch we went to the park and I had planned to run for my C25K training. It was cool (only 58 degrees) and windy but I needed a distraction and I really didn't want to run on the treadmill again today, so I left That Other Kid at the park in my friend's care and took off with my Ipod, my pedometer, my heart rate monitor and my bottle of water!

I did my run around the neighborhood (which happens to be my OLD neighborhood) and got back to the park where I sat down on the sidewalk to stretch. I took my phone out of my phone carrier (also known as the holder of the "girls"--where do ya'll keep your phones while you run??) and checked my email! Lo and behold, Melissa had just sent an email telling us the link was up! I was so excited...I tried to click the link but because it was a video I couldn't get it to pull up! I was sooooo bummed but I thought "hum, I wonder if Lissa is still online? She just got the link and email sent, maybe she is still there!" I emailed her and told her I couldn't pull it up on my phone...who won??!! It was truly my lucky day...she was still online and replied right away!! She told me Mary had won the Ultimate Shrinkvivor and that Sam had won Exile Island! I was momentarily bummed that I had not won, but it literally only lasted a moment, because I was sooooo happy for her. She really did work hard and lost a lot of weight. Plus once I realized who Mary was I really didn't think I had a chance. I mean come on now, Beth is her daughter! Beth is how I found out about Shrinking Jeans and I KNOW her network is HUGE! Not only did Mary have Beth supporting her but she has several other adult children and even grandchildren and extended family to support her! She's one very fortunate woman to have all of this love and support!

Anyway, I really appreciate all of you that voted for me and cheered me on during this challenge. I would not have been able to stay so focused without the support I got from everyone. I really appreciate all the support I got from the Green Tribe, too! We really did do amazing things during the past 7 weeks and I am so proud of all of us ladies. Not only did I lose 13 pounds but I met some wonderful women to share this journey of weight loss with! I know that the bonds we started building over the past 7 weeks will continue to grow because we are all in this together!

There are other challenges coming up soon so if you are in need of a wonderful support system to drop some pounds, no matter how many or how few pounds, you need to check the ladies of the Sisterhood out! You won't be sorry, and who knows what you will gain out of the experience? I do know one thing you will gain out of joining the Sisterhood....FRIENDSHIP!!

**C25K training update -- I ran/walked almost 2.5 miles today on my run! and I did it in 31 minutes!! I was soooo excited when I saw how far I had gone! I may actually be able to do my next race in a reasonable amount of time!!

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Brooke said...

lol - funny you would say that b/c i was like "mary, bummer some newbie one" oops, guess I don't know my SJ circles as well as i thought!

*hopes mary doesn't read this and get offended*

congrats ann - you're really worked hard to get yourself back on track after the job setback. you've proven you're in this for the long haul!