Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Challenge -- Holiday Hoe Down

Holiday Hoedown Challenge

New Challenge starts today over at the Sisterhood....and it's gonna be another great one with Teams. The Green Tribe did so well last challenge that we decided to stick together...we just made a couple of small adjustments to it; adding Heather's hubby to the mix and changing the name to The Lean Green Losing Machine! How exciting to be doing another challenge together. We clicked so well together and pushed and challenged each other to do the best we could and I'm not expecting anything less during this challenge. It will be great to be doing a challenge during the busy holiday time, with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up soon.

So here are my stats:

Starting weight March 25,2009 -- 226.8 (figure I need to start looking at this as a COMPLTE journey not monthly or weekly!)

Ending weight last challenge, November 3 -- 193.4
Last week's weight -- 200!! UGH!!

Today's weight Starting challenge -- 196.2 (so up from end of last challenge but DOWN from last week!)

My goals for this challenge: 1)continue tracking my food in LoseIt on Ipod Touch,
2) eat my fruits/veggies 5 servings a day, 3)exercise EVERY SINGLE DAY, 4) lose 10 pounds (186.2), putting me at LESS than what I have been in OVER 7 years. To me that would be a major victory in this challenge of losing weight and I know if I am faithful to do all I can I will accomplish it!!

I have my team to help me, too....not to mention all the wonderful Sisters at Shrinking Jeans!!

So let's move it on out and lose this weight before the end of the year!!


Mommy Mo said...

Ann, I know you can do it. Look at how far you have come already. I can't wait to see how far you will go.

Brooke said...

woohoo!! those are some great goals. you've already proven you can do it, now get at it!!

Karena said...

You're doing so well, Ann! It really helps to take a look back and see how far you've come. I believe you can lose those ten pounds - go for it, girl!

Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal said...

You are totally going to rock this challenge! Look how far you've come already! You go girl!

Tiffany said...

Go Ann! You are going to rock this challenge and you can absolutely meet your goals. You better watch out for the Healthy Holiday Ho's!