Monday, November 15, 2010

I'm Signed Up For My Second 5K

I just finished signing up for my second 5K. This one is for a special cause the Arthritis Foundation. I would love to have your support!! Donate if you can, come watch me run if you can or just send me some hugs on Saturday, December 4th! This is going to be a special run, because That Kid is going to run it with me!! Yes, my 20 year old son has agreed to run this race with me....he wants to start running and getting back into good physical condition and I guess he figures this will be a good opportunity to do so! I hope he isn't embarrassed by how slow I run and he will slow down enough so I don't pass out from his pace! I'm so happy to have him do this with me! We haven't done anything special like this together in forever and I'm really looking forward to it! continue my C25K training plan and losing weight so I will be able to run a lot more of this one than the one I did in October! By the time of the race I will be finishing up Week 5 of the plan, which is a staight 20 minute run without walk breaks...I wonder if I can do it during the race!! At this point my goal is to do that 20 minute run and then alternate walking and running to finish it up with a time of LESS THAN 48:28 which was my time for my first 5K! I believe that is completely doable!! Check back with me in a couple of weeks though!!


Adah said...

What a great plan Ann and I think a very doable plan. Enjoy the time with your son making special memories.

Anonymous said...

Ann, that's awesome! I can't wait to hear how you do!