Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Confession Time -- In A Funk

True Confessions

It time for confessions again over at the Sisterhood.

I have been in a funk all week, don't really know why, but it is true. It's affecting the way I exercise, the way I think, the way I eat and the way I act around my family. I have been sitting around just vegging out at night blog hopping. It hasn't been pretty, either. DH has noticed and he wants to know "what's wrong?"

I don't really have an answer.
I physically am not sick.
I feel a little blah.
I don't want to sit in a dirty house, but don't really feel like cleaning it either.

My hormones seem out of sorts, cuz I am grumpy sometimes for no apparent reason.
I feel bloated but that may have something to do with my minimal exercise and excessive eating of salty foods.
I don't really have "that time of month" too often but I seem to be feeling like I should, ya know? Maybe I'm going through pre-menopause? Any ideas?? I don't know but I really need this feeling of "blah-ness" to go away.

2 weeks ago the trainer at the gym asked me how committed I am to losing this weight and I told him on a scale of 1 - 10 I was definitely committed 100%....but the past week I haven't acted like it. Maybe I just need a swift kick in the booty!

I have been following the C25K training plan and running/walking but that's about all the exercise I have been getting the past week and a half. That's gotta change or my weight will NOT go down...

Help me pull out of the funk, will ya??!!


Mary P. said...

Oh Ann, I have been there!! Got a zillion T-shirts from that destination! IT SUCKS!!!

I don't have a lot of wise advice for you - just things that I try to tell myself when I am where you are -- and that is
KEEP MOVING (exercise does help to give you a boost, whether the head wraps around the boost or not -- the boost is automatic!)

BE GENTLE with yourself and give yourself some credit! You have not given up. Were that the case you would have tossed the C25K out the window (which, ahem, i will NOT let you do!). If you had given up, you would not write a post seeking help. You'd be done. And that is not you!

I'd also recommend re-reading over posts either here and/or on our tribe blog where you were ramped up and excited and feeling "on" - it will remind you of what's inside of you.

Maybe also talk to your trainer? Maybe he has some insight?

I love ya girl and any time, I'm here for you. Be good to yourself!

runnin_mama2_4 said...

I totally get you too! This is normal, it's like the post challenge let down. Like Mary said... be gentle with yourself. It's normal to have ebbs and flows in motivation. Take this time to pamper yourself, look back at how far you have come. Treat yourself to some special things... maybe a new pair of pants, a pedicure, a haircut. I second the motion to KEEP MOVING! Maybe not an insane number of miles like during the challenge, but get out and enjoy the Fall weather. It's sure to boost your spirit! Then get to ready to rev up for the next challenge! You'll be ready by next Wednesday! (((HUGS)))